There was a situation in which I was having conflict with a co-worker that was making my work life difficult. It seemed like we were constantly having conflicts on every issue that involved the team’s assignments. Caroline coached me through many conflicts that I experienced. She provided constructive feedback while suggesting alternative ways to handle the situation. Caroline also encouraged me to explore my career path and examine how my passions and strengths were valued and utilized on this particular team. She’s great at looking at the situation from various angles and remaining unbiased. I respect her opinion and value her non-judgmental, fully supportive coaching style.
— Sheyon Dancy – IT Process Analyst

My experience with Caroline is that of a multi-talented individual, with a great deal of experience and highly developed skill for both professional and personal coaching, management, and mentorship. Some of Caroline’s greatest strengths lie in her communication and leadership abilities, reaching people in a way that empowers and challenges them to grow in many capacities. On a personal note, Caroline’s supportive, empathetic character has been invaluable in our long standing mentor relationship. She is a committed, trustworthy, extremely knowledgeable coach.
— Kristen Palcisco

Caroline has been an invaluable resource in helping me understand the nuances of practice coaching and how to interpret the individual styles of each physician that I worked with. Her coaching and practice facilitation skills have greatly helped assist primary care physicians and practices in developing goals oriented research and quality improvement projects. Her long term relationships with the organizations and the providers made me welcome in all the practices that she introduced me to. She is always able to point out the right tools and is very open to changing any plan of action that does not show great results. She helps practices set short term objectives which assist them in achieving long term goals too. She challenges ideas and that’s only to help the providers and practices think through the strategies and plans of action. Her stress on team based projects ensures that providers work with their support teams to complete projects and get them done on time.
— Anindita Biswas, Clinical Research Facilitator & Practice Facilitator

At a time when I was asked to lead a significant change in my organization, I relied on Caroline Carter’s perceptive observations, thoughtful analysis and sage advice to guide my leadership efforts. Caroline’s understanding of the importance of emotional intelligence to effective leadership was invaluable in my professional development as a leader. Her coaching style mixes warmth, humor and a practical, results-focused orientation that seeks to bring out the best in those she coaches. I am a much more effective leader because of Caroline.
— James Misak

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Caroline in several different environments. I’ve been particularly impressed with her ability to work with health care professionals from a variety of backgrounds without hesitation. Caroline has an excellent sense of personal and professional dynamics and is able to provide concrete and timely advice to improve these interactions. I remember one situation in particular – I was working with a physician employee who was struggling to connect with her care team. Caroline assisted with identification of key areas for improvement and provided me with focused suggestions to assist this employee in gaining the necessary collaborative skills.
— Brook Watts

As a small family practice office, we looked at the work of transformation to a patient centered practice as an insurmountable task. Dena and Caroline eased us into a program that has helped us immensely in this important project to improve the care we provide and meet the needs of the changing medical care market. They took what seemed confusing and, I must say, impossible, and helped us set up a program for change.
— Richard Weinberger