who we are

Starfish Practice is comprised of us—Caroline + Dena—a dynamic duo looking to facilitate growth in the modern work place with meaningful communication between teams and their leaders. Dena excels in accepting you as a human, flaws and all, while Caroline is here for those hard hitting truths, the ones that are tough but necessary to hear. But we are both here to show you that supportive, honest communication is key to building stronger relationships and productivity in the workplace. There is an inherent value to each and every person on the work force, and if you simply step back and observe the role you play you’ll begin to see your value, as well as the value of those around you.

The work force in the 21st century no longer recognizes the social norms that used to dominate the work place, but many leaders are not equipped to meet the needs and desires of millennials who are seeking more fulfilling work environments. Starfish exists to observe and help teams transition into a more natural and organic work environment that supports connection between the individual, the team as a whole, and their leaders using a number of effective, versatile techniques based on the individuality of each company we work with. 

who We're for

Starfish Practice is for teams who are struggling to connect and work as a unit. It is for the forward thinking leader ready to step more fully into the 21st century and embrace the needs of their younger, evolving employees. Leaders who recognize that perhaps morale isn’t what it could be, and who want to know their employees have job satisfaction. 

Alternatively it is for teams who are experiencing high turn over which typically means something is amiss internally. We can help them pin point problems in work flow + communication in order to decrease turn over and increase job satisfaction so that you’re seeing employees who are happy to come to work, and wouldn’t leave even if they won the lottery. 

Starfish is for leaders and teams who care about one another, or who aspire to. Teams who understand that it’s not always possible or beneficial to completely separate professional from personal, because the reality is life goes on whether you are at work or not, and having a team that supports you will make your life that much easier to manage.