Why Retreat with us?

When you need results fast or want to experience what Team Talk is like retreats are a great option. Sometimes just getting your team out of their usual environments is enough to spark new energy and conversation that we can guide you through with our effective exercises to promote team communication. Not to mention it shows your employees that you care about their satisfaction and place of work.

Retreats are a great way to kick off our Team Talk packages or simply to re-energize a stalled workplace. They build on the culture of the organization by getting people together in the same room to work out problem-solving with a solution-focused approach.

Our retreats are fun and interactive and you may even find yourself using crayons, post-its, colorful sharpies, and Polaroid cameras.!

our methods

Retreats are designed to meet specific outcomes of the organization through methods such as:

  • Team talk session

  • Exercises for building employee engagement, team alignment and improved leadership capabilities

  • Appreciative inquiry


How it Works

This is a game changing offering for anyone who finds themselves stuck in their work, or alternatively, for those who are moving at a very rapid pace and require insight into how to manage the speed of their change and growth.

It requires your willingness to step back and view yourself in a different way. We are essentially providing you with therapy for the modern work place where it is sometimes necessary to have a conversation with someone who is not personally and emotionally invested in your business, someone who can provide insight and help from the outside.

We are here to remind you that you are not alone.  We will help you embrace your strengths and leverage them to address weak points. We will provide you with tools that can be used continuously as you grow as well as insight into work flow, efficiencies, effectiveness, that you may be too close to see.

We really care about how you work, what your work means to you and how it affects every
single part of your life.  

What You Get

  • Free Consultation to discuss your current work “pain point”—be it culture, leadership, management, team dynamics and communication, professional development, work flow and processes, organizational development andbehavior, etc. 
  • 3-5 days of observation. Starfish will subtly exist in the background of your workspace, taking field notes, and generating diagrams of workspace + flow.
  • Interviews with 3-5 team members
  • Evaluation in the form of a digital PDF outlining our findings and including recommended tools based on your specific needs.
  • Recommendation for next steps with Starfish Practice, i.e. Leadership coaching / Team Talk / etc.

team talk Improves culture by creating
a space and time for frequent +

It could replace the painful, ineffective annual performance review processes that emotionally + financially drain many large organizations.

how does it work

Team Talk is a communication tool that we offer in order to address employee engagement and workplace culture. It is based around individual conversations based on key concepts from Role and Culture, Self-Management, Communication, Team, to Thinking and Leadership.  

We are able to collect data using our Team Talk platform where your team can set goals for mini behavior changes and track them over 30 days—the length of time it takes to form a habit. 

This process builds a shared language around team goals. Interpersonal issues bubbling under the surface are aired during these conversations—in a productive, respectful way.

It creates a space for meaningful and REAL conversations that aren’t just about a work task or the bottom line.  It gives purpose and life to teams who want to communicate effectively AND it helps them to respect and care for one another.

What it includes

  • A tailored supply of conversations + support with Starfish Practice adapted to fit your organizational needs.
  • A new Team Talk Session + opportunity for behavior development each month
  • Based on report results we coach leadership in order to build their management skills.
  • Monthly reports that illustrate individual progress on behavior commitments. This data can connected to any business metric you are using.
  • Team members track + improve behaviors through our actionable conversations.
  • Price varies based on number of teams

coaching + training

Sometimes all you need is a little training to be the boss your team needs you to be. We have the required skill set to effectively and successfully coach people to their results. We are strengths-based and thus look for what is already working to make more of that happen. We are data-driven in our coaching using empirically proven methodology and assessments. We take a holistic approach—addressing personal and professional lives.  

Session 1

We begin by exploring your Ideal self—visualizing a holistic version of your Ideal self in the future. 

Session 2

Next we interpret your results from your Emotional and Social Competency Inventory [your 360 assessment].

Session 3

In our third session we set goals and action plans, which will determine any future sessions we will have.


get results

By coaching around Emotional Intelligence and change Theory we are able to raise emotional intelligence throughout the organizational leadership which will in turn ripple across the organization. 

Demonstrating high emotional
intelligence = Improved culture

Leaders become more aware of their leadership competencies and their behaviors so they can learn how to build upon existing Emotional Intelligence competencies. 

Better leadership.

Improved employee engagement. 

Impact across all key business metrics: productivity, profitability, absenteeism, retention, and customer satisfaction.